Paco parishes admit: ‘We are part of faith crisis’

Paco parishes admit: ‘We are part of faith crisis’

Lay leaders and priests from five parishes in Paco, Manila gathered on June 30 for a day of prayer and discernment on the socio-political events in the country, including the recent priest killings.

By Angie Gonzales

July 4, 2018


After a day of “a day of prayer, reflection and discernment in light of the current events in [the] country,” on June 30, the vicariate of San Fernando de Dilao in Manila, released a statement decrying what it perceives to be “attacks on the faith” but at the same time admitting that the faithful are part of the ongoing crisis.

“…We admit that we are also part of the darkness and evil in our midst – in our inaction and passivity with regard to the evil events happening around us, in our silence in the face of corruption in our society and sometimes in the personal gains we enjoy because of this said corruption, and in our faulty choosing of leaders in our government and in our shortcomings in acting as good citizens,” reads the statement drawn up in Filipino by five parishes in Paco, Manila.

The statement is the fruit of the discernment of the parish vicars and lay leaders of Sta.  Maria Goretti, St.  Peter the Apostle, Sto. Niño de Pandacan, Our Lady of Peñafracia, Paco, and San Fernando de Dilao.

They said, however, that in spite of all these, they are “challenged by their Christian faith” to continue praying, listening to God’s Word, spreading the teachings of the Catholic faith, and teaching good values anew in the home.

The faithful in the five parishes also stressed the importance of being socially aware, to have compassion for the poor, and recognizing the dignity and sacredness of human life, following the “example of Jesus.”

According to them, they hold fast to Christ’s exhortation to the faithful to be “salt of the earth.”

“With the help of the Blessed Virgin’s intercession, may the Holy Spirit guide us in living out our faith,” concludes the joint statement.