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Pacquiao accused of ‘misleading’ the public

Pacquiao accused of ‘misleading’ the public

Senator Manny Pacquiao. FILE PHOTO


August 7, 2018

Manila, Philippines

Senator Manny Pacquiao has been accused of misleading the public over his firm stand for reviving the death penalty in the country.

Mr. Rodolfo Diamante, Executive Secretary of the bishops’ Commission on Prison Pastoral Care, said it’s just “unfortunate” that the senator “has wrong interpretation of the Bible”.

“He is actually misleading the public on his own understanding of the scriptural passage. This is what is dangerous,” he said.

The lay church official was reacting after Pacquiao refuted Pope Francis on capital punishment.

The pontiff has earlier declared that the death penalty is never admissible and the Church will work “with determination” towards its abolition around the world.

But Pacquiao claimed that the Bible allows an authority, in this case, the government, to impose the capital punishment on people who commit crimes.

Diamante said that the senator should ask first his staff “to do some solid research before sharing his thoughts on any issue”.

“Furthermore, he was elected by the people to protect and improve the quality of life of people and not to extinguish it,” he said.

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