Palawan youth gearing up for ‘Year of the Youth 2019’

Palawan youth gearing up for ‘Year of the Youth 2019’

A youth leaders makes a personal commitment to the upcoming Year of the Youth by leaving a hand print on the vicariate’s youth ministry standee. KATYA SANTOS

By Katya Santos

Oct. 17, 2018

Puerto Princesa City

The youth ministry of the Vicariate of Puerto Princesa, together with their shepherd, Bishop Socrates Mesiona, is laying the groundwork for the celebration of the “Year of The Youth 2019,” which will be locally launched on Nov. 30.

“We recognize the role of the youth, they are the hope and future of our Church,” said Mesiona, speaking in Filipino to some 40 youth leaders on Oct. 13.

As a sign of support to the vision and mission of the youth, the prelate “painted” his commitment on the vicariate’s youth ministry standee.

Bugsayan 2018

The formal launching of Year of the Youth in Palawan will take place during an annual Catholic event called “Bugsayan” on Nov. 30. It also coincides with the culminating activity of the “Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons.”

Sr. Imee Cayabo, vicarial youth coordinator, called on the faithful to support Bugsayan as well as the year-long youth activities in 2019.

“This is first time for us, we will take charge of the program (Bugsayan), and we are just excited,” she said in Filipino.

Bugsayan is an annual Catholic event of the Vicariate of Puerto Princesa, which comprises 32 parishes, including 3 quasi-parishes, and 4 chaplaincies of Puerto Princesa and Southern Palawan.

Current struggles

Several youth shared their current struggles in the ministry, citing the “strong competition” between and among other youth Christian groups.

Mesiona then suggested that the youth have a regular, grand youth activity, which will enjoy the full support of the vicariate.

An ad hoc youth committee was also created to plan not only for the upcoming “Year of the Youth” celebration but for other long-term plans of the ministry.