Palm Sunday, a reminder of ‘connection’ to Christ

Palm Sunday, a reminder of ‘connection’ to Christ
Palo Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du celebrates Mass on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. EILEEN BALLESTEROS

PALO, Leyte – On Palm Sunday, Palo Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du called on the faithful to reflect on how closely connected they are to Christ, much like a palm frond attached to the tree.

“The palm portrays our life in Christ that is if we are in the Lord, we are always victorious and happy,” said the prelate.

Comparing the palm frond to one’s life, he stressed that it grows
when attached to the tree but withers otherwise.

‘Attached to Christ’

Du added: “While our life is attached to Christ, the body itself, we will continually live.”

He however warned, “If we are separated from Christ, like the frond that is not attached to the tree trunk where it gets sustenance from, we will wither and die.”

Every Palm Sunday or the start of the Holy Week, Christian faithful recall the triumphant welcoming of Christ in Jerusalem, waving palm fronds while priests bless them with holy water.

Du focused on the Jews’ joyous welcome of Jesus in Jerusalem but which later changed to mockery and a demand for his crucifixion.

“It is a beautiful reflection in our life, we express our joy to welcome people to our life and we show our love to anyone but we could not have it sustained; we love people and later we hate them,” explained the prelate.

He cautioned, “If we start nurturing our life with hatred, anger, jealousy, and many others, then we are leading ourselves towards our death.”

The many thirsts

The world now, according to the prelate, is suffering from a wide range of thirsts, such as thirst for justice, love, respect for the dignity of every person, “thus we need sustenance coming from His grace.”

Exhorting the people to goodness, he said, “Let us be faithful to the Lord and make ourselves holy this Holy Week and turn away from sin.”

In his homily, Fr. Wilson Chu, parish priest of Sto. Niño Parish in Tacloban City, gave three points on the significance of Palm Sunday: “welcoming God into one’s life and sustaining His presence within all throughout the year, willingness to face difficulties in life, and winning with Christ.”

He also encouraged the faithful to put the blessed palm branches on their doors or their altars at home to serve as a reminder that “they have just welcomed God and renewed their love and relationship with Him.”

The prelate visited on Sunday four Hosanna stations located in different barangays within the vicinity of the Palo Metropolitan Cathedral (Our Lord’s Transfiguration Parish Church) to bless the faithful’s palm branches before entering the church for the morning Mass. CBCPNews