Political dynasties

Political dynasties

THERE is a lot of talk among government politicians (i.e., politicians aligning themselves with the government) about federalism. They are even go so bold as to rush the change of the constitution in a month or two. Why is there no talk at all about political dynasties? Why?  It is still debatable whether federalism is good for us or not, whether it can bring about progress or failure to our country. Even our former chief justices have different views on it. And these are brilliant legal minds. But it is a no-brainer to see that federalism with political dynasty is a sure formula for failure. It will surely divide our country. Federalism will surely lead to feudalism and our country will be turned into fiefdoms by various political families.

The abolition of political dynasties has been a mandate of our 1987 constitution but it has never been a reality for us. It has never been acted upon and legislated by our lawmakers. Why? Because more than 80% of our congress people belong to political dynasties. And political dynasties belong to the elite. This is why our congress people are elitists. They represent the elite. Not even! They represent their own families! This is why in congress the congress men and women do not represent the people in the true sense of the word. They are not really elected by the people. They are put in congress because of fraud, bullying, deceit and political machinations. And there their families remain. Even our presidents of the republic, both of the present and of the past, belong to political dynasties.

The phenomenon will continue to happen with federalism, unless a clear prohibition is given by the constitution—not one to be acted upon by congress, which again they will never do—that there be no political dynasties and it is clearly stated what political dynasty means. But why, with all the commotion and propaganda on federalism, political dynasties are not mentioned? Why? Clearly because they want to wed the two—

for their own sakes! Each then will have their own turfs. Each will be entrenched there, without any external control and even threat from outside their “states”. We will have a chop-chop country, if ever there will still be one country!

Before clamoring for federalism, we should first shout: “Away with political dynasties!” We can discuss about federalism, if there are no political dynasties.  Federalism then may still be defensible. But with political dynasties, federalism will be a sure failure.

A good gauge if our present political leaders are really concerned for the good of the country is their action to take away political dynasties, because corruption and poor governance are rooted in political dynasties. This will spell the end of our democracy.       But as we see now, this is not how our current leaders act. Federalism is shouted in the air as the system that will bring progress to the country without even a whimper about political dynasties. They have their own family agendas. Can we trust them?