PPCRV favors raise in campaign spending limits

PPCRV favors raise in campaign spending limits


May 29, 2018

Manila, Philippines

Long overdue.

This was the reaction of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) to a proposed measure seeking to increase campaign spending limits.

PPCRV chairman Rene Sarmiento said it has been a long time since the current limits were set in the law and it had to be reviewed.

“The bill is very long overdue. Wise and practical that the amount to be spent by every candidates be increased,” Sarmiento said.

Although he did not suggest any figure, Sarmiento said that a substantial increase is necessary because the current amount is no longer sufficient to cover the cost of a modern campaign.

“Many changes had took place since then: prices of basic and less basic commodities and our population has risen astronomically, so is our voting population,” he explained.

“Time to review this anachronistic provision and make it realistic and responsive,” Sarmiento added.

The House of Representatives on May 22 approved a bill that seeks to amend Republic Act No. 7166 of 1991 and raise the expenditure provision on election campaigns.

Under the HB No. 7295, the proposed expenses per voter are: P50 (from P10) for President, P40 (from P10) for Vice President, P30 (from P3) for Senator, district representatives, governor, vice governor, board members, mayor, vice mayor, and councilors, P10 (from 5) for party-list parties, and P40 (from P5) for independent candidates.

The Senate will have to pass the same bill for it to become a law with the approval of President Rodrigo Duterte.