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Prelate envisions 2018 as ‘year for renewal, collaboration’

Prelate envisions 2018 as ‘year for renewal, collaboration’

Bishop Alberto Uy of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, Bohol participates in a group sharing during the Year of the Parish culminating activity. RON RAMOS

BOHOL – In an exclusive interview, Tagbilaran Bishop Alberto Uy shared how he foresees 2018, the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons, to be a time of greater renewal and collaboration.

“We hope and we pray for a renewed clergy and religious and a closer collaboration between the diocesan clergy and our religious brother(s) and sisters working in the diocese,” he said.

The prelate also emphasized the need for teamwork, observing that “sometime we don’t feel [teamwork] very strongly.”

According to the prelate, there must be “a developed intimacy” so priests and religious can work joyfully together.

The bishop also asked for prayers and support from the faithful, saying
“it’s important to pray for our priests and religious, they are our shepherds.”

‘Unified vision’

Noting the transition from the Year of the Parish to the next pastoral year focusing on the clergy and consecrated persons, Uy highlighted the plan of his diocese for the future.

“The good thing here in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, we are in the process of formalizing our diocesan pastoral plans, so that we can have a unified vision in the coming years,” he said.

According to Uy, the document can be a platform for greater collaboration with the religious in the diocese. “The clergy and religious can [align] their ministerial works with our diocesan pastoral plan and having one vision for the future of the people of Bohol.”

Grateful for the fruits

The Tagbilaran bishop expressed gratitude for the fruits of the 2017 theme: Communion of Communities and call for BECs to be agents of communion, participation and mission.

“This year is very important for us because we were given this opportunity to rekindle the BEC spirit in our parish, we are happy and very thankful to God for this very special celebration,” he shared.

Appealing to the faithful, he urged them to “make themselves available for the ministry, put in mind and heart that we have a mission to do.”

For Uy, the way to be Church is “being a community of disciples.”

“…Remember always, be in communion with your priests and with each other, let us be one in this labor of love,” he said in closing. CBCPNews