Press Statement on the arrest of Sen. De Lima

Press Statement on the arrest of Sen. De Lima

FOLLOWING the arrest of Senator Leila de Lima, we turn to God in fervent prayer to heal our land.

We beg the Lord to pour forth upon us the passion NOT for vengeance but for justice.

We humbly pray to the Lord who called Himself the Truth to set our hearts aflame for the truth, the truth that sets all of us free.

Let all who have been charged be accorded their fair day in the court of laws.

As we deplore what is wrong, let us always allow the reign of charity to prevail in imitation of Christ in whose heart was a special love for those whom all else rejected. Mercy without justice is weakness. Justice without love is tyranny.

It is unchristian to find secret pleasure in the sufferings of others. May we recognize in ourselves the awful power of sin and our need for God’s help! We need the Lord even more now!

I pray for the healing of our land and for the reign of harmony.

February 24, 2017

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan
CBCP President