Priest: All called to ‘sanctify’ world in Christ

Priest: All called to ‘sanctify’ world in Christ

“Millennials” of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Palauig, Zambales give an image of Christ a welcome “fit for a king,” Nov. 26, 2017. RAYMOND SEBASTIAN

PALAUIG, Zambales — Not even the absence of a bishop stopped the faithful of Zambales from pushing through with the diocesan celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King on Saturday, Nov. 26, and from reaffirming their role to bring God’s presence into the world.

“By virtue of their identity in Christ, lay Christians are called to sanctify the world, to claim it for Christ, in their ordinary day-to-day capacity,” explained Msgr. Alex Amante, a guest priest from the Diocese of San Pablo, in a talk at the Carmel Academy grounds.

The priest went on to remind attendees that all the baptized laity are priests themselves because they share in what he referred to as the “common priesthood of the faithful.”

According to Amante, it is a priesthood distinct from the ministerial priesthood of the ordained, but which is in no way inferior to the latter since both come from Jesus.

Chanting “Viva Cristo Rey!,” hundreds of Catholics, including many millennials, from the various vicariates comprising the Diocese of Iba, took part in the activities hosted by the town’s Immaculate Conception Parish.

A whole morning of prayer, sharing, and reflection, which culminated in a Holy Mass that underscored Christ’s kingship of the universe, officially closed the Year of the Parish and anticipated the start of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons on the first Sunday of Advent.

According to him, just because the next liturgical year is dedicated to the clergy and consecrated persons does not mean it will disregard the lay majority. CBCPNews