Priest decries ‘greed for power’ with upcoming polls

Priest decries ‘greed for power’ with upcoming polls

Fr. Joel Mozura reminds the faithful attending Mass at the Mary Mother of Hope chapel, Trinoma of how “greed for power” can motivate even murder. OLIVER SAMSON

By Oliver Samson

Jan. 7, 2019


“As the elections approach, people are being killed because of man’s greed for power,” said Fr. Joel Mozura in a recent Mass held at the Mary Mother of Hope chapel, Trinoma.

In their quest to stay in power, some politicians resort to killing their rivals, said the priest, who noted that some of “the victims of assassinations were innocent ones.”

According to Mozura, some leaders seek to install themselves and perpetuate themselves in power at the expense of “innocent lives.”

Massacre of baby boys

He pointed out that Scriptures mentions how Herod murdered innocents in his attempt to keep the throne.

Mozura recounted how Herod exploited his authority, ordering the massacre of all baby boys aged two years and below, because of his fear of the rumored birth of the Messiah.

“He ordered the slaughter of children, hoping that one of them was Jesus,” said the priest.

‘Earliest victims’

The children who were killed by Herod were one of the “earliest victims” of man’s greed for power, added Mozura.

In his bid to consolidate his claim on the throne, Herod also resorted to deception, he said. He tried to fool the three wise men by asking them to inform him of the whereabouts of the Messiah so he could also worship him. But his true intention was to send his men to kill the baby.

Fake news & murder

Some leaders today also use deception and violence, abusing their authority to keep themselves in power, a netizen observed.

“Millions of pesos were spent on fake news during the 2016 elections campaign period to deceive voters,” said Jeston Mercado, an entrepreneur. 

The today’s leaders also use their power to persecute people and fellow leaders who oppose their agenda, he added.

“Worst, they attack religion and God to justify their actions,” Mercado said. “They even killed priests who spoke against abuses and corruptions.”