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Priest: ‘Powerful people know their powerlessness before God’

Priest: ‘Powerful people know their powerlessness before God’

Faithful receive holy communion at Mary Mother of Hope chapel. OLIVER SAMSON

By Oliver Samson

July 12, 2018


A person who holds power over people but believes in the almighty God knows he is powerless before God.

This was a priest’s message in a Mass at a mall in Quezon City on July 9.

Drawing from the Gospel passage about a royal official whose daughter had died, Fr. Jun Pascual said even people with authority run to God when they are faced with their human limitations.

Like the royal official

“The royal official was powerful, well-known, and respected, but he was humble, the priest said during a Mass at the Mary Mother of Hope chapel. “He approached Jesus, knelt down and told him about his daughter.”

But some powerful people in society today are not like the royal official because of too much pride, noted Pascual.

“The royal official told Jesus his daughter has just died, and asked Him to come to his house and she would rise at the touch of His hand,” he said.

Having seen how big the official’s faith was, Jesus rose and followed him to his home, Pascual added.

Saved from death

Along the way to the official’s house, a woman who had suffered from a hemorrhage for 12 years touched the cloth of Jesus, he said. The woman’s faith had made her well.

According to Pascual, Jesus raised the official’s daughter from death.

“The woman and the royal official’s daughter were saved from death by faith,” noted the priest.

Disrespect of faith

Meanwhile, a netizen expressed deep frustration over the “disregard of faith” and the arrogance of some powerful people in society today.

“I am sad that our children would accept as normal the disrespect of faith and God himself by some leaders,” said Rocky Santos.

“A powerful and well-known person can corrupt our people, especially our children,” he added.

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