Priest tells senators: Adhere to politics of conscience, not compromise

Priest tells senators: Adhere to politics of conscience, not compromise

“Lakbay Buhay” pilgrims march and other anti-death penalty advocates march toward the Senate to call on legislators to reject the death penalty, May 24, 2017.

“Lakbay Buhay” pilgrims finally reached the Senate on Wednesday, ending their 21-day cross country pilgrimage by calling on senators to avoid political compromise.

Franciscan Fr. Robert Reyes, one of the pilgrims, urged the legislators to just look towards God and not to of President Rodrigo Duterte in making decisions about the death penalty.

“We appeal to our senators to turn away from politics of compromise, exigency, convenience and accommodation but practice politics of conscience and conviction,” Reyes said. “Turn away from the president and look towards God whose spirit and laws do not crumble.”

“Are you senators and congressmen that are blind followers or are you senators and congressmen with conscience and conviction and are not lapdogs of your commander-in-chief?,” he said.

Reyes also said that the caravan march revealed that more people are starting to come out and show their opposition against reviving the capital punishment in the country.

He added that in their rounds in the senate, those undecided on the bill have assured them that they are open to vote against the measure if they get more information and justification to do so.

“With the assumption of Duterte, the Catholic Church seemed to have taken the backseat. The Church should come together and find its voice again. Everyone should unite not by political lines but according to national interest,” Reyes said.

“It requires that everybody who has the time and conscience to dialogue with our lawmakers; we have to do this for it is our moral and civic duty,” he added. Niceforo Vince A Balbedina III/CBCPNews