Priest’s appeal: ‘Pray for us’

Priest’s appeal: ‘Pray for us’

Commemoration of Washing of the Feet in Mary Magdalene Parish, Pililla, Rizal. CHRISTINE PAGUIRIGAN

By Christine Paguirigan

March 30, 2018


The parish priest of Mary Magdalene in Pililla Rizal, Fr. Jun Meneses, asked the faithful to pray for priests during his homily on Maundy Thursday.

“Please pray for us all priest. We also struggle. We strive to become better,” he said.

‘Striving, trying’

He quoted Antipolo Bishop Francis De Leon’s words during Chrism Mass: “There is no perfect priest, only those becoming… striving, trying.”

Noting that even though some people think that “a priest is always wrong,” Meneses reminded Mass-goers of the importance of the clergy.

“As long as a priest lives. there is always people better than him. But if the priest dies, there is nobody to take his place. Without priests there is no celebration of [the] sacraments,” he said.

Meneses noted how priests are imperfect instruments used by God.

“Priests are not saints, but becoming… in the process. Though priests are sinners, we remember that the sacraments are performed by Jesus Christ through them,” added the parish priest.

Meneses further emphasized the importance of Maundy Thursday because it celebrates the institution of the priesthood and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Perfect example

In commemoration of the Last Supper, Meneses also explained that “Jesus showed the perfect example of service” when he washed the feet of the disciples.

“It is easy to serve, all can serve. But not everyone who serves can humble themselves like Jesus Christ when he washed the feet of His disciples,” he said.

The priest concluded that the faithful are called to pass on this kind of service with humility.

“Jesus invites us to serve everyone, with humility. Without bias. We are called to serve even our enemies,” added Meneses.