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Producing. Banking. Gambling

Producing. Banking. Gambling

Oscar V. Cruz, DD
Views and Points


Oscar V. Cruz, DDThe standing fact that the Philippines is inundated with prohibited drugs thus making these a social scourge readily known and felt all over the country in terms of thousands if not millions of drug addicts, distinctly proffers the living reality of the following abominable pyramidal illegal drugs structure—from top to bottom: Drug users. Drug peddlers. Drug distributors. Drug producers. Local and foreign drug production Capitalists.

The more simple and immediate conclusion that can be readily drawn from such an illegal drug pyramidal structure is the following: Get rid of the local and foreign drug production capitalists at the base of the pyramid and the drug distributors, peddlers and users on top thereof would be few if not all gone. The picture is not hard to imagine. The reality is neither difficult to understand.

So is it that killing drug users, doing away with drug peddlers, plus getting rid of drug distributors through all possible ways and means, could in effect help lessen the perceived over-population in the country. In other words, the said agenda could lessen the population, yes, but will not really stop the huge drug trade and do away with drug users. Getting rid of drug users—not only those living in slum areas but also those residing in exclusive villages—is respectively a reasonable venture and a good advertisement. But such annihilations will not really do away with drug peddlers and drug distributors in the Philippines—all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.

From all verifiable and realistic indications, what will really count or matter much is to look for the drug producers plus the banks they use to meantime deposit their manufacturing profits plus the gambling corporations they go to in order to laundry dirty money as usual. This approach has a similar imagery with the downfall of a pyramid: Get rid of its base, and everything else on top of it would fall fast and flat on the ground.

It is a given that there is a huge illegal drugs trading in the Philippines, that such prohibited drugs are locally produced and exported, and that such banned drugs are also produced elsewhere and exported to this country both by Filipino and foreign drug traders. The following questions thus come to mind: Is it really a secret that illegally obtained and thus unexplainable huge amounts of money are deposited in this and that receptive bank? More. Is it a profound secret that there are huge amounts of unexplainable amounts of money from the unlawful drug industry in and out of the country? And finally, is it a secret that gambling corporations are good places to cleanse “dirty” money?

In the last analysis, none of the above said detestable realities is meant to accuse anybody, to point at neither any agency nor any entity of any downright wrongdoing. It is but thinking of a thinkable, putting in words what are mere thoughts, proffering but possible agenda—for the welfare of the people, the guidance of the government, the good of the country. Conclusion: Instead of but looking for and nonchalantly killing small time drug users and drug pushers, those concerned in this infamous phenomenon, better look farther, know better, act tougher.