Public servants as public lords

Public servants as public lords

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It is becoming progressively more pronounced, definitely more manifest as time goes by. There are more and more public servants in this country who think and speak like public lords, who act and behave as masters of the general public. They do not only consider themselves as omniscient but also think of themselves as omnipotent. They behave like master generals such that they love and admire themselves so much that they come to believe that what they say is always right, what they want they must get. Everybody else: Shut up! Stay still! Do as you are told!

These are public servants supposed to render public service by working for the public welfare. However, they conveniently forget that their big salaries, many fringe benefits and all other largesse are all paid by the general public from birth to death, through direct and indirect taxes people usually pay unknowingly, non-deliberately. So it is that the moment a child is born, this is taxed through his/her parents for using electricity and water, for buying food and milk, not to mention the purchase of clothes and soap, powder and medicine, etc.

Who dies and who lives, who is killed or allowed to live, who is terminated or permitted to continue being, who is executed–electrocuted, hanged, shot–all these are decided by the public lords. They are even over and above God with the express and clear mandate for people not to kill. They think and act as if they gave the lives they want terminated, as if they authored the lives they decided to take away. Saying it bluntly, they want to be executioners from a distance when in the course of time, they themselves can be executed for given misdeeds–when they are eventually out of the reigning political party, when they are already out of power and might, when they are divested of wealth and influence.

Such political potentates want to dictate who live and who die as if they are the ones who give life and therefore have the right to take it away as well. Their children come to life through them. But this is because they are already living father/mothers themselves who thus but transmit to their children the life they already have in themselves. The naked truth is that they have not created any life at all–not even that of a miserable flea. Yet they crave killing others–who are usually the poor and miserable, considering that the justice system in the country have long since exempted the powerful and the rich from its scope. There is something weird worth telling: said public servants thinking and acting like petty gods can also be killed one way or another, by someone somehow–unless they themselves eventually die for whatever cause.

Recently, it was found out that a dog–yes, a dog!–was killed for the sake of movie-making. When such killing was made known, animal lovers were up in arms, these and those individuals were blamed, the film industry was put to shame. It was a dog that was killed. But here come certain public officials wanting human beings killed! “Inhumanity to man!”–this was long since said for gross human cruelty. But the same grim and gross reality is in the making–more for political subservience than the right human value system. Never mind what is right and wrong, what is virtuous or vicious. Mind what brings political influence from the ultimate source of political power. Do not mind the slaves but bow down and bow deep to the slave master.