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Pusan Diocese aims at evangelization in parishes

BUSAN, Jan 16, 2017–Pusan Diocese declared it would focus on parish pastoral activities for its new evangelization.

The diocese, located in the southeastern port city of Busan, has been working on a pastoral roadmap since 2013. The diocese dedicated 2017 as the “Year for Parish Evangelization” and presented guidelines, which included categories such as “inviting the faithful to the feast of love”, “showing the hope of salvation” and “sharing the joy of faith.”

By “inviting the faithful to feast of love,” the diocese aims to lead the faithful to join in Mass and to make it a habit for families to pray together at home. Also by “showing the hope of salvation,” it will hold various events to invite lapsed Catholics to reengage with the church.

Meanwhile, by “sharing the joy of faith,” the diocese will urge parishes go out to the street and do missionary activities.

In addition, the diocese released a booklet comprising model activities for parishes.

Bishop Paul Hwang Chul-soo of Pusan said in his pastoral letter, “I hope all the faithful will actively participate in the movement for parish evangelization and make the parishes communities with internal power and spirituality.”

Father Stephen Chang Jae-bong, pastoral director of the diocese, said, “We tried to make the parish a strong foundation for church communities. This year, we will pour our pastoral resources into making the parish the center for all the faithful.” (UCAN)

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