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Religion teachers told: ‘Get in touch with today’s realities’

Religion teachers told: ‘Get in touch with today’s realities’

BACOLOD City, Feb. 7, 2017 – Amid the fast-changing social and philosophical realities influencing the way people think, a priest-educator reminded religion teachers that “the study of religion has to be in touch with the realities of the present generation.”

Participants of the PACRE Annual Research Conference held at the L’Fisher Hotel, Bacolod (Photo: PACRE)

In a conference held in this city by the Philippine Association of Catholic Religious Educators (PACRE) on Feb. 4, Fr. Deogracias Aurelio V. Camon, PhD, chairman of the Annual Research Conference, underscored, “the duty of religion teachers to educate themselves with current issues on the relationship of religion and society.”

“As Catholic educators, we have to participate actively in forming the hearts and minds of our students,” he said.

Faithful to the Magisterium

The priest stressed that Catholic educators should not only uphold their identity in the faith but, through regular formation, also allow this faith to enrich the culture of society:

“We have to contribute to the marketplace of ideas our own brand of teaching that is faithful to the Catholic Magisterium but abreast with up-to-date research that can allow us to transmit our Faith in a meaningful manner to the youth.”

“We cannot take for granted the Philippines is still a predominantly Catholic country. We cannot be passive!” added Camon.

Continuous development for Catholic educators

PACRE was established by concerned religion teachers and members of the laity with the aim of providing professional and spiritual development for Catholic educators

To this end, PACRE is continuing its lecture series program to update interested religion teachers.

The ongoing course on Christology started on Feb. 4.

The lecture series, offered for six Saturdays, is offered by PACRE in partnership with the La Consolacion College – Bacolod School of Graduate Studies.

Accumulated units are credited for the Master Arts in Education major in Religious Education.

Annual Research Conference

Another successful program of PACRE was the inauguration of its Annual Research Conference, which was held on Dec. 21, 2016 at the L’Fisher Hotel. Some 48 researchers and scholars of religion from the Visayas participated in the said event.

Dr. Enrique Oracion, dean of the Graduate School of Silliman University, delivered the keynote speech on qualitative research and Bishop Patricio Buzon, Bishop of Bacolod, shared his reflection on the theme, “Communion and Mission.”

Five researchers presented the results of their studies on various topics that were considered significant for the growth of religious education. They are as follows:

  • Dennis Madrigal, PhD: “Understanding and Practice of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist”;
  • Dexter Paul Dioso, MA: “Motivational Factors Influencing Students’ Attendance on Scheduled Masses”;
  • Fr. Leo Alaras, OAR: “The Augustinian Recollect Music Tradition in the Evangelization of Filipinos during the Spanish Period”;
  • Sotero L. Milos Jr., PhD: Teaching in the Light of the New Evangelization: The Lived Experiences of Educators”;
  • Aaron C. Tolosa, PhD: Paraliturgical Celebrations in the Diocese of Bacolod”.

Those interested for information about PACRE may email Dr. Dennis Madrigal at (Fr. Mickey Cardenas / CBCP News)

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