Remove ‘blinders’ on death penalty, lawmakers told

Remove ‘blinders’ on death penalty, lawmakers told

By CBCP News

August 11, 2020

Manila, Philippines

A network of Catholic lay organizations stressed that death penalty is not necessary and this is no time to be wearing ‘blinders’.

In a statement, the Council of the Laity of the Philippines urged lawmakers to consider the risks of capital punishment, which they said, outweigh any justification.

“We urge you to remove the blinders that prevent you from seeing that death penalty is an offense ‘against the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person,'” said Laiko President Rouquel Ponte.

He said it is about time lawmakers see beyond the call of President Rodrigo Duterte to reinstate the death penalty and treat the issue from a wide perspective.

According to him, its reimposition will single out for punishment the most vulnerable sectors of society who have no means to defend themselves.

He also warned the country’s failure to honor its commitment with the international community not to bring back death penalty “will not only put us in bad light but lose their respect as well”.

“We lament and decry the actuations of our elected lawmakers in calling back from its grave the death penalty proposals,” said Ponte.

Instead of directing their attention on efforts to revive death penalty, he called on the lawmakers to focus on how to combat the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that it will also be better if lawmakers will ensure the speedy enactment of laws that will reform the country’s judicial and correctional systems.

“We would rather that you also focus your attention on how to stop the flagrant reality of graft and corruption,” Ponte also said.