Rogationists, FDZ Sisters urged to ‘look to the poor’

Rogationists, FDZ Sisters urged to ‘look to the poor’

The Daughters of Divine Zeal Sisters (FDZ) together with their Superior General, Mo. Teolinda Salemi, and Mo. Daria Ortega, Provincial Vicar of the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province. Concelebrating priests were from the Rogationists, with Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, Provincial Vicar of St. Matthew Province, as the Mass Presider. BR. JOHN FRANCIS ABERION 

By Br. John Francis C. Aberion, RCJ/Di Francia Center of Studies

Dec. 2, 2018


The Rogate family received a special message about the poor during their recent double
celebration of the closing of the Year of the Clergy and of Consecrated Persons (YCCP)
and the 40th anniversary of the missionary presence of the Daughters of Divine Zeal
(FDZ) on Nov. 10, 2018.

“There is a reason to celebrate with festivity, but we still learn from Jesus Christ as meek
and humble of heart by simply looking at the poor people,” said the Provincial Vicar of the
Rogationist St. Matthew Province, Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, who presided over the
Holy Mass, together with concelebrating priests.

“Their silence is what it means to perceive the kingdom,” he added.

Offering of thankful hearts

The priest then ended his homily by quoting a line from the song composed by Mo. Dolores
Acluba, FDZ, “Our thankful hearts we offer you, O Lord, through your compassionate
heart ever adored.”

Mo. Acluba, FDZ Provincial Superior, passed away on Oct. 28 in Rome, Italy. Her song
animated the celebration on the said day.

In an interview, FDZ Superior General, Mo. Teolinda Salemi shared that she asked the
Filipino Catholic faithful to love the sisters because “they belong to the people of God.”

Likewise, she also asked them to support the sisters in their work of evangelization in the
country, according to the charism of the Rogate, that is, the prayer for vocations.

“Consecration is a sign of fraternity, in spite of diversity,” said Salemi, encouraging her
fellow sisters to live the consecration they are called to.

Growing PH mission

In the afternoon, they had two separate talks: first, from the first FDZ missionary in the
Philippines, Mo. Gilda Lo Conti, and from the first FDZ Filipina General Councilor, Sr. Sheila
Gomez (in place of Sr. Lina Fineo, who was supposed to share). Both of them shared about
the growth of the FDZ missions in the Philippines.

As the activity concluded, the FDZ Provincial Vicar, Mo. Daria Ortega, thanked all who had
helped organize the celebration. Meanwhile, Fr. Jose Ariel Tecson, RCJ, Provincial
Councilor, read the Statement of the Family of the Rogate, which was the result of the
year-long reflection on the YCCP.

With participants coming from the congregations of the Rogationists and the Daughters of
Divine Zeal, together with the friends, benefactors, lay and youth associations, they held
the culminating activity at the Our Lady of Divine Zeal Convent in this city.