Sacrilege. Blasphemy. Profanity

Sacrilege.  Blasphemy. Profanity

The Holy Week just came to conclusion. The joy of Christ when He was met by a big cheering crowd carrying palms and happily celebrating His coming, was just commemorated. His subsequent profound sorrow and distress, passion and death were likewise accordingly recalled. And nothing less than the immense glory of His Resurrection from the dead came to be accordingly remembered with awe and exaltation. In other words, the week just passed once more brought Christ to mind to all Christians the world over–His joy, passion and resurrection. But, there are those supposedly human persons with downright inhuman mindsets who are anti-Christ incarnates and who have prepared something downright demonic or satanic supposedly for the viewing of people the world over.

Those who are godless and shameless, those who are impious and profane plus those who are abominable and despicable, yes, all these and all others like them will be treated to a film, the ultimate author and over-all maker of which is no less than Satan and his abominable surrogates. Only this damned and doomed vile and devilish being can drive and lead downright Satanist individuals and their company, to make sacrilege, blasphemy and profanity a three-fold reality from the birth of time to the present. Satan is alive, alright – still very much alive indeed. And Christ plus the Christians are his usual composite target of hatred, focal objective of shame and scorn.

So it is that there is something sacrilegious, blasphemous and profane targeting the Philippines as a landing area. It was done somewhere, in a foreign soil. In fact, such atrocity presently is being viewed someplace and its preferential focus for showing is this Country, most of whose citizens are precisely Christians. It does not seem enough that a big majority of the Filipinos are suffering from poverty and illiteracy. Neither does it matter that they are divided, that they are also antagonistic towards others. Nor is it enough that being but a little Nation, super-powers all want to have, occupy and use it for their own interests and welfare, their respective protection and defense.

But something infinitely worse that all the above-cited national woes and international odious designs is in the opting. Such is nothing less than the viewing of the gross desecration of Christ Himself plus the trampling upon of Christians, His followers.

The Sacred Scriptures written before and after the coming of Christ emphatically declare Who Christ is–His Divinity and Humanity, viz., his divine nature and human constitution. And here come those who were born but yesterday and who are gone tomorrow and who thus eventually return to dust wherefrom they come, attempting to profane, desecrate and debase His Divine Person and to trample upon His human nature. With no remorse of conscience, they subject Him to downright lies, to dare say what He was categorically not. But then, what can people expect from Satanists–with sick and sickening mind, with deviated and deviating will.

Hence, a fair warning: Those who dare patronize such an anti-Christ projection may not really be but Satanists themselves – eventually.