Same sex-attracted man: ‘The unfailing love of God has helped me overcome’

Same sex-attracted man: ‘The unfailing love of God has helped me overcome’

Dr. Ryan Capitulo gives a talk to mothers.

PASAY City – In a candid testimonial, a man who admits to being attracted to the same sex shared about his journey and how God’s unconditional love, manifested through people in his life, helped him in his struggle.

“In my struggle with homosexuality all my life, only the unfailing love of God has helped me overcome,” said Dr. Ryan Capitulo of the Light of Jesus community at the “A Love to Last: Families are forever” concert/conference on Oct. 29 at the SMX Convention Center.

As a sexually active homosexual, the obstetrician-gynecologist believed homosexuals had as much right as straight people did to fall in love and have sex.

Parents’ unconditional love

Eventually, growing up in a loving and religious family would became the foundation for Capitulo’s conversion. “The unconditional love of my parents mirrored the love of God for me,” shared the Catholic lay preacher.

It was in 2004 that the pro-life doctor began to seriously respond to God’s invitation to a different life. “Back then, I felt that God was calling me to a more intimate relationship with Him,” he said.

Despite his desire to change, Capitulo would find his old life calling him back. “I thought then if I immersed myself in spiritual activities that would be the key to my transformation…After a few months, I fell and engaged in homosexual acts.”

It was when he met the Catholic group Courage Philippines that he found the support he needed.

Life of self-control

“I was inspired by the testimony of people who shared my struggle with homosexuality. When my brothers and sisters in Courage did not judge me, I felt God not judging me… When I felt them accepting me, I felt God’s mercy, acceptance, and embrace,” said Capitulo.

Courage Philippines is the Philippine-based arm of an international apostolate within the Catholic Church that addresses the pastoral and spiritual needs of persons with same-sex attraction, their family, and friends.

Today, Capitulo, who has been practicing sexual abstinence since 2006, is committed to helping other young people who are confused about their sexual identity.

“I now counsel people who share my struggle with homosexuality…and LGBTs so they will discover the wonderful plan of God, a life of sexual purity and self-control,” he said.

Organized by the Commission on Family and Life of the Archdiocese of Manila, “A Love to Last: Families are forever” concert/event aimed to promote family and marriage through music.

The event featured several testimonials about conversion and family life as well as performances from the singing priest group Six Priests in the City and 29 AD. CBCPNews