San Fernando diocese amplifies evangelization via radio

San Fernando diocese amplifies evangelization via radio
San Fernando Archbishop Florentino G. Lavarias and Fr. Dino Albert N. Pineda, chancelor of the diocese, the guests, together with the radio show hosts. BRIGHT FM FB PAGE

MANILA – The Archdiocese of San Fernando is pulling out all the stops for evangelization by setting up a radio station to spread the Good News in line with the call of the Year of the Parish to encourage the faithful’s participation in the Church’s mission.

Initially proposed by Fr. Joseph Mary Bacay, station administrator of DWBL 91.9 Bright FM, the program attempts to reach 94 parishes in Pampanga.

The concept was further developed and refined by the station’s staff and presented to San Fernando Archbishop Florentino G. Lavarias, DD and to the clergy.

With the bishop’s approval, each parish will take its turn to be featured in the radio program.

“The radio station is fully-owned by the Archdiocese of San Fernando with a management committee composed of clergy and lay members. They decide on the general direction of programming, which is implemented by the programs and production staff,” shared Karen Shih, one of the staff of the radio program.

‘Birth pains’

As in all projects, the radio show’s “birth pains” are evident when parishes fail to show up because of conflicts in schedule.

But this leads to better collaboration, said Shih, since many parishes are “willing to help out and swap schedules” to facilitate operations.

“Also, since more people are better informed of other parishes’ circumstances, there is solidarity amongs parish officers, there is better participation in activities,” she added.

Catholic radio channel

The station also keeps a varied array of programs such as catechetical and Bible-based programs, Catholic entertainment, and a program on self-awareness.

From top 10 hits countdown to women’s talk shows, the radio station has adapted to pop culture without losing its faith-based roots.

The radio station has also become a sounding board for parishioners through a poll regarding the parish where listeners actively text their answers.

All Kapampangans are also invited to check the station’s streaming through Facebook Live or if they missed an episode, they are free to look for past shows on YouTube and Facebook. CBCPNews