Scammer poses as seminarian to lure victims

Scammer poses as seminarian to lure victims

By CBCP News

October 11, 2019

Borongan City, Eastern Samar

A scammer posing as a seminarian has been conning people to send him money for his supposed studies and other activities, the Borongan diocese said.

Local church authorities have warned on Friday that a certain Jerex Basilio Beronio “was never and is not a seminarian” of the diocese.

The diocese said it received reports that Beronio has been soliciting funds from church people in the country and even those from abroad.

Beronio, a resident of Guiuan town in Eastern Samar, had also faked a letter using the name of Bishop Crispin Varquez recommending him for sponsors.

The teenage boy, who is active in the parish youth ministry, also used fake email accounts of Varquez and some seminary rectors in his scam activities.

“We encouraged the public to report to us whatever incident involving the mentioned person,” the diocese said.

Earlier, the Archdiocese of Cebu has also warned against fake solicitations using the name of Archbishop Jose Palma.

An email using the address “” has been making rounds to solicit for funds from different institutions.

“We, therefore, inform you that these communications, if received, are false,” the archdiocese said.