Seminarians issue statement on ‘growing culture of violence, death’

Seminarians issue statement on ‘growing culture of violence, death’

Seminarians from the Diocese of Imus issued a statement regarding the growing culture of violence and death that many believe is widening a growing rift between Church officials and the government. TAHANAN NG MABUTING PASTOL FB PAGE

By Jonald Justine Itugot

July 20, 2018


A group of seminarians from the Diocese of Imus in Cavite recently aired their sentiments regarding the “growing culture of violence and death” that many believe is sowing growing division between the Church and the state.

In a statement issued July 15, Pagtatalaga ng mga Seminarista Tungo sa Lingkod ng Kabite (PASTOL KA) said that being under seminary formation does not prevent them from staying involved in social issues.

“Deaths, which has become part of daily news, became so ‘ordinary’ for some of us, that they do not catch our attention anymore nor become part of our prayers. Worse, some even find their deaths as fitting and just; passing swift judgment to their dead bodies instead of consoling the grieving loved ones they left behind,” the group stated.

‘Growing animosity’

According to PASTOL KA, the gap between the Church and the government is alarming since both are supposed to serve the common good.

“We are troubled with the growing animosity between church leaders and the government who serve the same Filipino people. We detest the proliferation of fake news and harsh statements against humans and against God. Our language, which was developed to connect people, is now used to sever relationships,” the seminarians said.

This June, Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte was under fire for allegedly bashing the Christian concept of God but later said he already “asked God for forgiveness.”

Hope for healing

In the end, the group reminded the faithful that despite having “differences and weaknesses,” everyone remains “children of God” who never lose hope because “Jesus never lost His hope for us.”

“May this hope heal the wounds we have caused to each other. May it inspire us to return once again to the Word of God and proclaim it anew; a proclamation that warms the heart, directs our thoughts, and guides our actions,” the seminarians added.

PASTOL KA is the official organization of Catholic seminarians in the province of Cavite which is under the territorial jurisdiction of the Imus diocese of Bishop Reynaldo Evangelista.