Seniors urged: Be Church’s ‘1st line of defense’

Seniors urged: Be Church’s ‘1st line of defense’

Healing priest Rev. Fr. Larry Faraon, OP, gives a talk titled “Rekindling the Life of Seniors”, held at the Presentation of Child Jesus Parish in Parañaque City, Aug. 25, 2018. JOEL CRISTOBAL 

By Joel Cristobal

Sept. 15, 2018


A healing priest on Saturday has called on elderly persons to be the “first line of defense” of the Catholic Church against attacks from critics, particularly after the most recent sexual abuse exposé in Pennsylvania involving some 300 priests who systematically abused more than 1,000 boys and girls.

Fr. Larry Faraon, OP urged elderly people to protect the Church by morally guiding and advising members of the clergy caught in any wrongdoing.

First line of defense

“Be the first line of defense. You are the Church’s hope [against all hostilities] because you all have been in its service for so long,” he said

In a talk titled “Rekindling the Life of Seniors” held at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish in this city, the priest called on the more mature members of the faithful to protect the Church and to “contribute to its renewal.”

Making a difference in the Church

Despite the physical frailties associated with aging, Faraon said elderly people should share their wisdom and experiences with the young generation as they prepare to fill in future leadership roles in the Church.

“Be useful in many ways… [Your actions] will make a difference in the Church,” he said.

“You are called to prepare the younger generation to assure their role in the Catholic Church,” added the healing priest.