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Seoul Archdiocese wants to share its plethora of priests

SEOUL, Feb 9, 2017–Seoul Archdiocese wants to become the ecclesiastical version of a dandelion, spreading priests the world over to “fall on good soil,” as Jesus said.

On Feb. 3, Seoul Archdiocese ordained 27 priests making the total number in the archdiocese 892. Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla, apostolic nuncio to Korea, was at the ordination in Seoul.

“Now that churches worldwide suffer a lack of priests, the number of priests in this archdiocese is a blessing not only to churches in Korea, but the world,” the archbishop said.

Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung of Seoul said that he wanted to share his priests with the wider world.

“Churches in Europe are suffering from a lack of priests. I hope more and more priests will go abroad and do their missionary works,” he said.

“As Pope Francis wants our archdiocese to play an important role in the Asian church and the world, we should grow up to be a more giving church,” the prelate said.

“Although our archdiocese is still growing, we need to reflect on our role as the salt and light of the world which is full of selfishness and secularism. Our priests need to care for socially vulnerable people and be ‘rice’ to others,” Cardinal Yeom said.

Apart from increasing priests, the archdiocese has a new Committee for Clergy which helps priests in their pastoral activities and acts as a mentor to them, listening to their hardships.

“The committee will be a place for priests to communicate with bishops of the archdiocese and be a place where all the priests, especially the young ones, can raise their voices freely,” Cardinal Yeom added. (UCAN)