Sharing your gifts inspires unity – Tagle

Sharing your gifts inspires unity – Tagle
The Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

MANILA – The Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, reminded the faithful how actively sharing one’s gifts for the good of the community will inspire “community and unity.”

“Communion and unity will not be whole if we become selfish and not share our gifts for the goodness of all. As one community – one in faith, we bring our gifts as God sends us to our neighborhood, family, and BECs,” said the prelate.

“In this year of communion, we are called to participate, based and rooted on the gifts we received from the Holy Spirit,” he added.

Different gifts

The message was communicated through a video clip produced by TV Maria where Tagle also emphasized that communion can be attained amid diversity, like how everyone is called to “different paths towards different advocacies and ministries.”

According to the prelate, “…communion doesn’t mean uniformity,” noting how the Holy Spirit that brings about communion and unity also gives different gifts.

Living Body of Christ

Tagle called parishes “our second home”, saying “It’s like family, where all the important events of our life occur, from birth to growth, to failures and second chances, to finding direction in life and facing death.”

“If in our home we survive through communion in blood and name – in our parish, our communion and unity is one faith, one baptism, one God, one Word, one Eucharist, one Holy Spirit that gives us the fire and passion to love one another,” explained the cardinal.

He stressed how the parish is not just “an organization or structure” but a “living part of the Body of Christ – the Community of God, Temple of the Holy Spirit.”

The video also encourages the faithful to take part in the celebration of 2017 as the “Year of the Parish: Communion of communities,” especially on June 11, and the days to follow.

The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines declared 2017 as the “Year of the Parish: Communion of Communities” and June 11, 2017, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, was recognized as the nationwide celebration day of the Year of the Parish. CBCPNews