‘Slow down and let go’ this Holy Week, faithful urged

‘Slow down and let go’ this Holy Week, faithful urged

MANILA— Wanna make your Holy Week holy? First of all, it’s time to ‘slow down’, says a Catholic priest.

Fr. Gerry Orbos, SVD, said that if people will not slow down, this week is not going to be holy for them.

He said many people feel the need to slow down and breath, but they don’t have time because of hectic work schedule.

Fortunately, he said, Holy Week gives Catholics enough time to catch a break, reflect and most of all, repent.

“Find time for prayer, find time for reflection and find time to listen. We’re often too busy,” Orbos said in a video reflection for virtual Visita Iglesia site.

He also said that Holy Week is an occasion for the faithful to listen hard enough into their hearts and identify the “baggage” that they should let go of— whether hatred, anger, displeasure, worries, among others.

“Do you really need these baggages? It’s hard to journey in this world if we have many baggages,” Orbos added.

“Remember this, a broken heart is an open heart… then it’s open for God. Don’t miss the chance. Let go and let God come in,” he also said.

The “online Visita Iglesia” was first launched by the CBCP Media Office in 2010 to reach those who might not be able to make it to the church this Holy Week for some valid reasons.

Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, CBCP Media Office Director, said the site is specifically intended for the sick and the overseas Filipino workers working in a non-Catholic country.

“All one has to do is click on the churches presented in the web pages. One may also click on the audio and accompany the praying of the station of the cross or simply read the text of the Via Crucis,” he said.

The site also features virtual tour of several churches in 360-degree views, online retreats and pabasa or the singing of the Gospel narrative of Christ’s Passion. CBCPNews