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Speaker warns about valuing wifi more than purity

Speaker warns about valuing wifi more than purity
Prolife Philippines board member Peter Pardo gives a talk on teen sexuality and pornography to Mater Carmeli School-Novaliches (MCS) students, Sept. 28, 2017.

NOVALICHES – During a symposium-seminar on teen sexuality and pornography on Sept. 28, a resource speaker emphasizes how today’s culture places a higher premium on digital connectivity than on sexual chastity.

“We live in an era where losing one’s mobile phone or having a poor internet connection now seem to be more alarming than losing one’s purity,” said Prolife Philippines board member Peter Pardo.

Speaking to 400 students at the MCS Auditorium, he discussed the shocking reality of how the youth and society tend to perceive human sexuality because of pornography.

Pardo explained how the youth’s lack of formation about sexuality may make them vulnerable to misconceptions and distorted beliefs on sexuality and love.

“This trend or the normalization of sexual immorality and pornography-viewing among youngsters is definitely concerning, making it very important to educate the youth on the consequences of these actions,” he explained during the talk organized by the Mater Carmeli School-Novaliches (MCS) Christian Living and Values Education Department.

Meanwhile, values education teacher Jayvy G. Dizon stressed the only way to address issues on teen sexuality is not to ban the subject, deeming it improper and unacceptable but rather to open it up for discussion, especially with the youth.

“We realized that Catholic schools focus on spiritual formation, and so there is a failure to see that sexuality must not be a taboo,” he said in an interview.

Dedicated to the physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual formation of its students, MCS also conducts programs to promote the Carmelite spirituality among its pupils.

Hundreds of students from Grade 7 and 8 gathered to participate in the event, which aimed to address the effects of pornography on teen sexuality.

Mater Carmeli School-Novaliches is run by the Carmelite missionaries. Pamela Mendez/CBCPNews