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Sr. Fox on Church-gov’t dialogue: Include ‘issues of people’

Sr. Fox on Church-gov’t dialogue: Include ‘issues of people’

By Richard de Leon

July 3, 2018

Manila, Philippines

Sr. Patricia Fox

The looming dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Duterte administration must include “issues” confronting the ordinary Filipinos, Sr. Patricia Fox said.

The Australian missionary said dialogue is the only way to resolve differences but its scope should be widened to include problems faced by the poor.

“I hope that the dialogue will include issues faced by people, not just their opinion about God because all of us have different opinions about God,” said Fox, who is facing a deportation case for alleged political activities.

Fox cited land reform, contractualization, displacement of indigenous tribes, and the continued killings as some of the issues that should be discussed in the dialogue.

According to her, helping alleviate the sufferings of farmers, workers, and IPs means proclaiming the Gospel to them, more than meddling with domestic affairs.

“What is the Good News to them?,” she asked. “That God owns the land, and that the use of the land should not be for the benefit of a few privileged,” she said.

“For the workers,” added Fox, “the Good News for them is regularization and a just salary.”

Last June 27, the president has formed a committee to dialogue with the Catholic Church and other religious groups after his “stupid” God rant.

Duterte has aired his tirades against the Catholic faith and hierarchy, even calling God “stupid” and questioning the doctrines of the Church.