Stick to the real issues

Stick to the real issues

CARDINAL Tagle is right. We should not be distracted from the real issues and the prevailing problems that are deeply hurting people especially the masses. Among the most painful issues that he said must be addressed are the soaring prices of basic commodities, rising unemployment, worsening corruption and, of course, the ubiquitous killings.

Beyond rhyme or reason, killing or declaring war with some groups and individuals—and now that includes God—seems to be the only arsenal that the Duterte administration has in solving the county’s problems. It is ironic how the President has vowed to serve and defend the poor but getting them killed in the process, even with the flimsiest reason as not having to put on one’s shirt.

In a recent statement, Cardinal Tagle lamented the worsening traffic in big cities, flooding, exploitation of women and children, the vulnerabilities of Filipino workers abroad and terrorism besetting the nation. “Let us not be distracted from addressing other pressing concerns with fervor of faith and love,” said the Manila Archbishop.

It is still within the purview of reason and tactics to attack even God if only to divert people from loathing on the unfulfilled promises. What is not is shooting an arrow to the heavens like Nimrod did when he positioned on top of the Tower of Babel in order to hit God. The people of the Tower of Babel ended up in confusion.

In the face of Duterte’s tirades against God, the Church and the poor, prayer is the best panacea. “Pray for him with compassion. We pray for his healing and for God’s forgiveness on him,” says Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Villegas. Yes, it is prayer indeed.