Stop house building superstitions, Catholics told

Stop house building superstitions, Catholics told

House under construction

February 26, 2018


A Catholic priest and exorcist called on people to do away with offering animal blood that is often done before a house is constructed.

Dominican Fr. Winston Cabading, one of the exorcists in the Archdiocese of Manila, said Catholics must stick with Christian rites if only to drive away evil spirits in areas where they are building their home.

“Catholics must stick with Christian rites only and do away with ‘nothing will be lost if followed’ attitude in relation to superstitious practices,” he said in a Facebook post.

Some people offer routinely animal blood to ward off evil spirits or as a peace offering to “elementals” or nature spirits whenever houses or buildings are to be constructed.

Others also usually call on shamans or occult practitioners to perform cleansing rituals during groundbreaking or cornerstone laying.

The practice, according to popular belief, would also prevent construction accidents on jobsites.

Winston said there’s no need for Catholics to resort to superstitious practices because they can directly ask God for blessings.

“Our disposition as Catholics must always be: God alone suffices!” he said. CBCPNews