Street Masses and more: Traditional celebrations keep Pasig alive

Street Masses and more: Traditional celebrations keep Pasig alive

Sta. Lucia Parish in Pasig celebrates “Dalaw Patrona” in one of the houses in the community. JOSHUA SANTOS

PASIG City – While fast-changing technology continues to alter the social landscape almost at the blink of an eye, several communities still to spread the faith the traditional way – in the streets and in their homes.

Comprising 13 small communities, Sta. Lucia Parish in this city began their “Dalaw Patrona,” in preparation for the feast of their patroness on Dec. 13, which has the image of Sta. Lucia staying in each community for a week before transferring to the next.

“This is one way to propagate our patron. Most people [don’t] know Sta. Lucia that much. Some kids even think she is Mama Mary, so we believe the ‘Dalaw Patrona’ really helps,” explained Joshua Santos, PRO and Pamayaman coordinator in an interview.

‘Dalaw Patrona’

A minimum of 10 people are present every time the image is transferred, usually to the home of one of the church workers. The image will return to the parish church on Dec. 4, in time for the 9-day novena before the feast day.

Aside from “Dalaw Patrona,” parishioners also hold street Masses twice to thrice a week. According to Santos, street Masses remain a priority since it is a way to share God’s love to those who are unable to go to Church regularly.

“Mass is important in every street so people will know and feel God’s presence and love. The Holy Eucharist is the highest form of prayer. Street Masses show how the Church immerses in the community where we can reach the unchurched, and it is also when we can visit the sick to dab the Santo Oleo [holy oil],” Santos noted.

Active BECs

Some 15 people to as many as 40 people attend the street Masses at a time.

The parish also has several upcoming BEC activities, such as the parish BEC general assembly on Nov. 11, the weekly block rosary in every community, and their monthly BEC meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month.

The parish, though located in one of the most developed cities in the county, has proudly retained these community traditions to proclaim the Good News. Mariz Ponti/CBCPNews