Students told: ‘School not just for academics’

Students told: ‘School not just for academics’

Fr. Jaime A. Escurzon, head priest of St. Columban Parish STA. CRUZ ACADEMY, INC.

By Raymond A. Sebastián

July 9, 2018


A priest reminded senior high school students of a Catholic school in Olongapo to make the most out of their stay in the institution by taking part in the various faith-oriented activities it offers.

“Studying at a Catholic school goes beyond the academics. There’s also the spirituality,” stressed Fr. Jaime A. Escurzon, head priest of St. Columban Parish, in his homily on Friday for a First Friday Mass attended by STEM students of the adjacent Columban College.

According to the priest, being in a Catholic school means taking courses in Christian Living and in theology, reciting daily morning prayers and the Angelus, and having a devotion to the Divine Mercy as well as the Sacred Heart.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the Holy Mass in honor of the Lord’s most loving heart. This means His love for us, the summit of which is the Eucharist,” Escurzon explained.

He pointed out that in the Mass the faithful are commemorating in “an unbloody manner” Christ’s Passion and death.

“We are remembering the sacrifice of His own life out of His love for us,” the priest added.

Escurzon noted that the challenge for Catholic school students is to try their best to participate in the Eucharistic celebration also in the name of love.

“We don’t come here just because our teachers told us to, or because the school simply requires us to be here every first Friday of the month. We don’t follow this rule just for the sake of following it. We follow it because it gives us a chance to show our love for Him who loves us,” he added.