Talk on community life explores ‘signs of changing times’

Talk on community life explores ‘signs of changing times’

Fr. Viktor Emmanuel Aurellana, RCJ gives a talk on community living and the “spirituality of community life,” Dec. 2, 2017.

SILANG, Cavite – Focusing on Pope Francis’ views on community living and the “spirituality of community life,” Fr. Viktor Emmanuel Aurellana, RCJ shed light on how consecrated persons and religious can read and respond to the “signs of changing times” in community life.

Aurellana began his talk by putting forward the premises of:

  • getting to know the signs of the changing times;
  • familiarizing with the teachings of the Church in fidelity to the words, works, and deeds of Jesus Christ; and
  • meeting new partners for the promotion of unity

The priest then cited Pope Francis’ view on community with regard to his priesthood, which can be best understood through his words: “I was always looking for a community. I did not see myself as a priest on my own. I need a community.” For the Holy Father, the essence of being a priest is being part of a community.

He then explored some of the trending issues concerning community life and how consecrated persons can live out their “individual, communal, and charismatic calling” in modern times. Aurellana also described an increasingly “polarized society” as one of the “signs of the times” affecting even religious communities.

Several representatives from various religious congregations attended the talk organized by The Oasis of Prayer in Silang, Cavite.

The Provincial Councilor on Religious Life and Formation, Fr. Ariel Tecson, served as moderator of the talk, together with novices who assisted in the organization of the flow of the program and liturgy. Meanwhile, the assembly prayed for Aurellana as he celebrated his priestly anniversary yesterday. Br. John Francis C. Aberion, RCJ/CBCPNews