The biggest enemy of the Philippines

The biggest enemy of the Philippines

THIS is not thinking about anybody in particular but about a nation as a whole.  And this is neither having in mind any country but specifically about the Philippines.  Thus goes the question: Philippines my Philippines, who is your biggest enemy?  The question is neither profound nor enigmatic, much less mysterious or cryptic.  It is simply an afterthought—now that the so-called “Day of Protest” or something the like is over and thus done away with but not even but for a moment thinking that protests there would be none in the days yet to come, in the times yet ahead.

Without going that far back such as during the Spanish regime, neither during the Japanese invasion nor the American occupation, it is worthwhile thinking of the Philippines after the commonly perceived infamous Martial Law that brings to mind some kind of a vicious circle: Then, killings were a common phenomenon.  Now, killings take place 24/7 just the same.  Then, human rights were violated here and there while the justice system remained quiet and still.  Now, human rights are inconsequential to those precisely enjoined to protect them.  In fact, Philippine history is the sad witness to the reality that the Marcos regime was in no way applauded for belittling human lives.  But immediately thereafter, Philippine history has on record the infamous “Mendiola Massacre”—courtesy of the government delightfully chosen by the Filipinos themselves with big and loud celebration to take over political supremacy in their country.

Oh yes!  The different governments chosen by the Filipinos to rule over them across the decades have different amiable faces, make different impressive promises, chant different maxims and even champion different colors.  But the Filipinos in essence remain having the same needs and aspirations:  More food, shelter and clothing.  Less crimes against human rights and human lives.  More available work, bigger wages, better labor conditions. Less violations of the dignity of women and the innocence of children.  More unity and peace.  Less discord and infightings.  More understanding and concord, more unity and peace.

No.  This is in no way meant to say that the Filipinos are born losers, incurable self-victims or anything the like.  This is but realizing and confessing that after all is said and done, Filipinos are in effect the victims of Filipinos.  It is not altogether a falsity or fallacy to think and say that the Philippines is the victim of Filipinos, i.e., that the Filipinos are themselves the biggest enemy of the Philippines.

Filipinos are the enemies of the Philippines for decidedly and repeatedly electing and putting into political governing power those who eventually and repeatedly undermine their fortune and future, who ultimately cause them anger and disgust.  How come?  They are easily allured by dreamy political promises and consequent heavenly commitments.  They are taken in by big words, big dreams, big projections.  They are even easily taken in by unrealistic projections and sky-high visions.

Would that all the above were but one big composite falsity!