The Millennials: The Missing Link

The Millennials: The Missing Link

AMID all the confusion, protests, discussions, and reflections onvarious issues and crises our society is facing, the voice of the youth is clearly absent. I might be wrong, but we don’t hear their voice distinctively. We rarely feel their active presence in the Senate, Congress, in street protests, fora, and discussions. We miss their opinions, outlook, suggestions, and their well-known “hugots”, which millennials are known for. Where are they? How come majority of them are silent? They have countless Facebook posts on food, travel, friends, and “hugots’ on love and personal angst, ut few about the EJKs, Marawi crisis, and environment degradation.

Are they out of the loop with regard to social concerns and realities? Are they insensitive towards the poverty and suffering in our midst? Millennials are a different breed of citizens; we don’t really understand them well. We don’t have the right to judge them, but as elders, parents, and teachers of youth, we need to guide and help them discover their own identity, potential, and mission in society.

MILLENNIAL ARE LIKE MINIONS. In the Universal Studios’ animation film, The Minions, these little creatures are portrayed to be intelligent, kind, spontaneous, faithful, and active. But sad to say, the Minions want to serve the most evil master on earth. They simply need values formation in order to seek the good master. Millennials or the youth today are like Minions, they are also smart, compassionate, faithful, passionate, creative, and more! But sad to say, they also need values formation and spiritual formation for them to discover their identity, purpose in life, and the right master to serve – Jesus, our Lord.

THE MISSING LINK. The youth is one of the missing links towards a more stable, peaceful, and progressive nation. We need to tap into their creativity, passion, and strength to create ripples of changes in society. Our role is to help them discover their inner beauty and strength, and help engage them more actively in fighting the various evils in society.

AWAKENING OF THE GIANTS. The forthcoming National Youth Day in Zamboanga City this Nov. 6 – 10, 2017 will make an attempt to awaken our youth from their slumber. Through this five-day CBCP-ECY-sponsored national gathering of youth, it is our hope the 3,500 youth pilgrims will discover their giftedness and potentials to make a difference in our society. And like our Mother Mary, who chose to “run in haste” to assist her cousin Elizabeth, it is our hope that the youth pilgrims will learn to be more discerning and socially engaged – by acquiring deeper skills on how to read the signs of the times, pray and reflect, discern according to the Gospel values, and make life-defining decisions.

MORE THAN MINIONS. Exactly two months from now, youth from parishes all over the country will troop to Zamboanga City. We hope to help them think critically using the five elements of NYD,the lens of faith (See-Pray-Reflect-Judge-Act). Millennials are more than Minions in terms of charity, passion, and giftedness; they are our future disciples, and stewards of God’s people and creation.

GOOD AND GIFTED. Let’s stop judging our youth, like all us, the youth areimperfect, but they are good-hearted and gifted. They are simply unaware of their identity and mission. As parents, teachers, and formators, let’s guide and evangelize the youth. For in the end, they are our future leaders, defenders of truth, and bearers of God’s Good News.