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The source of all life and goodness

The source of all life and goodness

Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity, Year A (Jn 3:16-18)
June 11, 2017

By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB

IT would be much more comfortable for us to believe in only one God who is also one person. Such is the faith of Judaism and Islam. Such is also the God that can be “discovered” by philosophy.

But the God revealed by Jesus Christ is a much richer reality. He spoke of God as “Father” who has a “Son,” and of a “Spirit,” who is the expression of their mutual love, and binds them together in love. The God revealed by Jesus is essentially a “mystery of love”–a love that is both the source of all that exists, and the fulfillment of all creatures.

The love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is so perfect and so pervading as to make of the three Divine “Persons” one single divine reality – the Blessed Trinity. This term is not in the Bible. It has been created by the theologians to express in a concise manner the mystery of one God who consists of three Divine Persons, equal in majesty, distinct from one another, but undivided.

God alone could reveal what He is like in His very being, as well as in His relationship with all that exists, especially mankind. He did just that, especially in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

From Jesus, we learn that we are all intimately related to the Blessed Trinity and immensely loved by Him. We are not only created in the image of this tri-personal Love, but also redeemed and sanctified by Him. In Baptism, we are created anew and brought even closer to the Divine Pattern since we are made adopted children of the Father, brothers/sisters of the Son, and living temples of the Holy Spirit. We will find our fulfillment and complete happiness in Him alone.

Our lifetime on earth is not enough to fathom all the preciousness of the personal relationship that binds us to each Divine Person. It is only in the life to come that we shall see this wonderful God “face-to-face,” i.e., we shall come to know Him as He really is in Himself and for us. And this “knowing” and loving Him will be the essence of the eternal blessedness which will make us perfectly happy for ever.