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There is forever! Couples invited to ‘Married Love Course’

There is forever! Couples invited to ‘Married Love Course’

Educhild Foundation Philippines invites couples of all ages to the “Married Love Course” which uses a case study method to improve the relationship between husband and wife. EDUCHILD

By Fr. Mickey Cardenas

Feb. 13, 2019


Ever heard of a course designed for married couples of all ages?

There is one and it’s called the “Married Love Course”.”

“The goal of this course is to provide husbands and wives the knowledge and the tools to achieve greater marital happiness,” shared Ed and Mai Hitosis, chairpersons of the “Married Love Course,” in an interview with CBCP News.

Age does not matter

The course is for couples who “value their marriage, wish to strengthen and enrich it, deepen their personal growth, and enhance their knowledge of family life,” added Ed.

According to Mai, couples at whatever stage of their married life will surely benefit from the program.

“Marriage is a life project to be undertaken with responsibility, freedom, and love,” stressed the couple.
Comprehensive coverage, ‘participative’ method

The “Married Love Course” covers five modules, namely:

  • “Love Bond” – Covenant of Love: the meaning of love and marriage
  • “Totally Pink, Totally Blue” – Sexuality in Marriage: a shared project of love and life
  • “He Says, She Says” – Marital Communication: the art of speaking and listening
  • “Work-Life Balance” – Work and Family: balancing professional and family life
  • “All in the Family”- Family Life: making the house a real home

The course chairpersons said the modules are based on case studies and use the participative method.

Facilitators and moderators guide discussion groups, which aim to improve the relationship between spouses.

The spouses read the case, discuss, meet with 5 to 7 other couples, discuss the case further, and then meet with a larger group of couples in a general plenary session, under the guidance of a trained moderator. The moderator facilitates the discussion and offers on-going support to all participants.

International track record

The “Married Love Course” has been running in many countries abroad – Spain, USA, France, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, and Chile, to name a few – and started in the Philippines in 2017 under the umbrella of the Educhild Foundation Philippines.

The program was created by a group of concerned parents who share the common goal of enhancing the state of society by educating the society’s core unit, the family.

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