‘True love’-seeking youth continue to turn pro-life

‘True love’-seeking youth continue to turn pro-life
Young people join the annual Valentine’s candy-giving project of several pro-life groups in Manila’s Dangwa flower district. FILIPINOS FOR LIFE

MANILA – Young and looking for your “forever”? You’ll probably end up standing up for the culture of life, love, and traditional marriage in the long run.

Pro-life advocates observe this trend of more young people getting drawn into the “pro-life vision.”

“The pro-life vision … is ever-new and ever-fresh because it is about the true meaning of love in a time that has reduced love to material things and sex. This vision will always attract those who are looking for something more than what the media and popular culture have to offer, and they include many of the young,” said Pro-life Philippines board member Carlos Palad in an interview.

Pro-life culture

According to him, the pro-life movement is “far from merely defending a supposedly outdated set of values that should be discarded for the sake of being modern” but about something more central to the human person. “It shows that the vision of a pro-life culture appeals across generations.”

For Edwin Valles, a member of Filipinos for Life, it is possible that the shift shows Divine Wisdom at work.

“Maybe the Holy Spirit sees that the gap is in the youth…and He calls more young people to witness to their peers on the beauty of life,” he explained.

Sexual revolution, media

According to Valles, today’s youth “influenced heavily by media and sexual revolution think that sex is just one of the things that one must go through in life — like any young person’s to do list that needs to be ticked off.”

“It has lost its meaning and significance and special value. It has been commoditized.
Relationships have a tendency to devolve towards utilitarianism and too focused on taking than giving, on self-centeredness than self-giving,” he added.

“…In the end, we need to trust the Holy Spirit who is behind all these. There’s Divine Wisdom behind having a predominantly younger set now in pro-life,” said Valles. CBCPNews