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Volcanoes, Viruses and Valentines

Volcanoes, Viruses and Valentines

“Father, could there be anything worse than Taal exploding and Corona virus rapidly spreading?” Paul asked.

“I’m not really sure, Paul.” I didn’t exactly know what he was trying to say. So, I couldn’t really nail a good answer for his question.

“Aren’t they signs that the world is ending soon?”

“What are you getting at, Paul?” I clarified.

“I’m not sure either, Father. But I’m just anxious if they do point to the world’s coming end.”

“I don’t think they point to that at all, Paul. Volcanoes and viruses have been around for so long, and the world has not yet ended. But it may seem like that since we are experiencing them quite close to home.”

“I guess you’re right there, Father.” He nodded.

“Why are you worried, Paul?” I asked.

He was quiet for some seconds trying to compose a reply. Then it occurred to me to ask, “By the way, changing the topic a bit, who will you be dating this Valentines?”

“That’s precisely why I asked you, Father,” his face suddenly fell in disappointment.

“I don’t have anyone to date!” He added.

“Hey, dude! Not having a date for Valentines isn’t the end of the world.” I quipped.

“But for me it is, Father! Imagine, if it ends and I die not having anyone special?” He stammered.

“There are worse things than that, Paul,” I tried to be objective.

“You’re saying that coz you’re a priest, Father,” he said.

“I’m just being realistic, Paul. I mean, anyone could die with other causes other than Taal or Corona.”

“That’s true, Father. But that answer doesn’t seem to help me getting a date for Valentines!” He chuckled.

“At least it may give you an opportunity to experience sleeping alone,” I said.

“Sleeping alone, Father?”

“Yeah. Christ never had a date,” I explained.

“So how is that supposed to answer my concern?”

“Frankly, it doesn’t. But it gives you a chance to live as Christ did: sleeping alone.”

“Why do you keep repeating an obvious phrase, Father. I still sleep alone.”

“I know. And like me, I also sleep alone. The phrase was something commented in a book about how Christ chose to not only marry for reasons of being more available to carry out his ministry. It also allowed him to be one, in solidarity, with those who have no one to sleep with because of their physical, moral or emotional conditions.”

“Solidarity!!!?” Paul didn’t quite understand.

“Yep. Imagine there are people, given their condition are never able to marry or find a partner in life. This is because their special conditions isolate themselves or they are ostracized by society, and results to their living alone until they die.”

“You’re saying that Christ is somehow united to their suffering of being alone?

You got that one right, Paul!”

“And if I could add, they are experiencing a moral and spiritual poverty that society may not even care about or can provide for adequately, right?” I explained.

“That’s correct!”

“I’ve never really seen our Lord’s being single that way. I thought it was only about being a priest,” Paul concluded.

“Indeed, but of course, there are many other wonderful realities to which his being single applies. We simply have to allow the Holy Spirit to help us understand the richness of our Lord’s entire life when it is applied to our life.”

“I guess, then I have to start earlier,” Paul said.

“Earlier?” I asked.

“I now don’t feel so bad about not having a date this Valentines, but next year, I will just have to start earlier in finding one!” [SIGH!!!]

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