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We are taking the wrong path

We are taking the wrong path

With the clergy of Lingayen Dagupan, we deeply regret the decision of the President to sign the Anti-Terror Bill into law over and above the vehement objections of well-meaning citizens.

It is morally wrong, we humbly submit, to leave the terms of such powerful bill to the interpretation of the reckless and the power trippers.

Violence can never undo violence. The Church has long taught that only the praxis of true Christian love has the power to break the cycle of violence.

With our government, we decry terror. With our government we denounce terrorists.

Unlike our government, however, we do not wish to meet violence and blind rage with heightened violence and legitimated terror.

We would rather as one, engage in the difficult but necessary task of building a culture that listens, that leaves none out, that accommodates differences.

This same culture of inclusive listening will soon strip extremists of every reason to confine themselves to the margins of society. Peace is the only way to peace.

Dagupan City, July 3, 2020

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan