What really causes child abuse? Doctor explains

What really causes child abuse? Doctor explains

Dr. Angelita Aguirre giving a talk on child abuse at the 5th Joint National Annual Family Media Advocacy – Doctors for Life Conference held in Baguio City, July 1, 2018. NIRVA DELACRUZ

By Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz

July 6, 2018


While child abuse is universally condemned, not many are familiar with the real roots of child abuse, said a doctor at tHE 5th Joint National Annual Family Media Advocacy – Doctors for Life Conference held in this city.

“We should be looking into the root causes…Preventive measures are always better than treatment options, to stop the vicious cycle,” said Dr. Angelita Aguirre who gave a talk on “Child Abuse: Just a tip of the iceberg” on July 1 to close to 200 delegates from all over the Philippines.

According to her, the causes of child abuse are:

  • dysfunctional families
  • distorted value systems
  • defective concepts of human sexuality

‘Tip of the iceberg’

“The child abuse that we see is just the tip of the iceberg,” she said in Filipino and English.

Ultimately, she said, the real causes lie in the over-all health of the family. “If the family is damaged, our lives are also damaged.”

She described how dysfunctional families experience a general breakdown in day-to-day communication.

“We always have a meal. We have this table, sharing stories and experience… That is getting lost,” said Aguirre.

Dangers of value-free sex ed

The medical doctor also noted how many parents do not think much of verbal abuse or how much it impacts children’s self-esteem and behavior.

“These are the words, ‘gago’ (fool), ‘you’re no good,’” she explained.

The Family Media Advocacy Foundation (FAMAF) founder also stressed that the public has to be aware of the effects of value-free sex education, the original proponent of which was Alfred Kinsey, a sexologist who is widely recognized as the “Father of the Sexual Revolution.”

According to Aguirre, Kinsey, whom she called “a pervert” had sex with many of his subjects under the guise of “interviews” and promoted sex without commitment.

This kind of sex ed, she explained, teaches children that “whatever makes you feel good is right,” giving them a distorted view of sex.

‘Acting out’

Pornography, which is inspired by this philosophy as well, is also at the root of sexual abuse cases, since, she noted, the final stage of porn use is “acting out.”

According to Aguirre, various police reports have confirmed that all sexual predators were porn users.

The conference featured sessions on fertility, divorce and annulment, and effective communication, among others.