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Where is Your Mercy?

Where is Your Mercy?

ANOTHER moral disaster and grave injustice in our society. This time, the children are the innocent victims.

Yesterday, the Justice Committee in Congress approved the bill criminalizing minors in conflict with the law. Nine out of ten voted in favor of the bill. There is something gravely wrong here! I can smell a wolf hiding in sheep’s skin. Is it really for the benefit of the children in conflict with the law, or is it for your own benefit?

I’m so sad this justice committee think they know everything about children’s formative correction. Other stakeholders like the church and other NGOs were not consulted. The committee insisted this is neither anti-poor nor anti-children. But try to check the juveniles in conflict with the law in our jails and DSWD now, all of them are coming from the poorest of the poor! This bill is an easy way out. It intends to please our President and gain favor in his eyes. They could have made a bill instructing all stakeholders to help the government in finding a more humane and more pro-children solution to this problem. The Church is aware of the problem of our children today in conflict with the law, but criminalizing them is not and will not be the best solution. Mercy must be in our hearts and minds when we think of these children in conflict with the law, and not simply punishment. They should have consulted all stakeholders, including the Church and NGOs involved in helping the children. To Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, please never say “bringing the minimum age of criminal liability down to nine is ‘fine’ for they can already discern.” How could you say this? Where are you coming from? Where is your data? Do you know what you are talking about? In our complex world, the mind of a nine-year old is incapable of making sound discernment.

I am begging for mercy from the rest of our congressmen and senators to speak out and stop this senseless bill. This is your opportunity to show your love for our children and for our future. Be merciful. Be selfless. Think of our children. Please be the servants of the people, and not the servants of “other gods.” Seek God’s approval and not of mere mortals. They are not always in power. Know what counts most in this life. It’s mercy and compassion.

Dear Lord,

have mercy on our lawmakers.

I believe they are intelligent.

They know what they ought to do,

yet they choose to close their hearts.

Have mercy on them. Amen.