Who can stop people from complaining?

Who can stop people from complaining?

CHRISTIAN ethics is clear: there is the priority of human beings over the state. The state’s purpose is to promote and protect the human rights of each person. Each person too is unique and each one has the same dignity as any other. So it is not right for the state to kill an individual in the name of protecting itself, or in the name of furthering its programs, no matter how “good” they may be.

The problem with many people is government, especially those who have authoritarian tendencies, is that they identify themselves as the state, and their welfare and safety as that of the people. So when people criticize them, it is taken as a criticism against the state. Much worse! They claim that the state is being destabilized! We refuse to accept that the government people are the state. They are not! Much so since in many cases what they promote is not even the common good but only their own selfish interests. They are so ready to switch loyalties just because of expediencies—their own expediencies. They even break their promises to the people! They have no loyalty at all to the common good, much less to principles.

The War on Drugs is this country is not a war to eliminate drugs but a war to eliminate the poor drug users. The target is the poor, who are tagged as drug users. Even if they are involved in drugs, which can never be proven, why only the poor? There are also people in the ABC social classes who use drugs, and who even peddle drugs, but they are not targeted. The poor are easily to blame because they are without voice and without defenders. Once the rich are touched, they have a lot of influence and friends and families who are influential, so they can fight back.

This War on Drugs, as it is being pursued now, is unwinnable. In fact it is not waged to win. It is waged to give vent to the dictatorial tendencies of the present leaders of our government. They have the lame excuse to use force and violence to induce fear and compliance among the people. Anyone who questions them or who is against them can be accused as drug coddlers, as obstructing their kind of justice or even as people involved in drugs!

Now, however, in spite of their violence and false accusations, more and more people are having the courage to speak out against the government. Another then ghost is being floated—the ghost of destabilization. The pretext of destabilization is being leveled against the critics of this government, and the threat being brought out to stop these “destabilizing moves” is revolutionary government, which is just another term for dictatorship, pure and simple!

But criticisms cannot stop because the government has nothing to show that it is bringing about any significant change for the good in the life of the people. In fact the people are finding the economy worse—higher prices and bad basic services. The MRT is worse than before, so is the traffic in general. Joblessness is rampant, and ENDO or contractualization is as before in spite wearing to take it out. Who then can stop complaining in this situation?