Who’s afraid of AI?

Who’s afraid of AI?

February 6, 2024

It’s crazy how certain netizens are saying AI will in time render human beings useless. Not only will robots replace us at our jobs—they claim—they will also become smarter than Einstein.

With humanoid robots like Ameca, Sophia, Nadine wowing TV audiences worldwide with their impressive performance, some people naturally wonder what these humanoids can do next. And with back-flipping humanoids like Atlas, one might imagine thousands of Atlases already being secretly manufactured by China and the US for war. These AI soldiers won’t even need training to use guns since their weapons will be built in—you know, like the Transformers, in the movies.

Contrary to the fears that surround AI, it is crucial to recognize that AI itself is nothing to be afraid of. AI is a neutral force, like a knife, or a scalpel that can be used to heal or to kill. Neutral—just like food, drinks, sex.

No matter how human-like humanoids appear to be, don’t forget they are Artificial—capital A, and manmade. Sophia can “converse” with you, give you information you’d otherwise take eons to obtain, correctly guess your appearance, do your household chores, et al, but she cannot decide for you. AI lacks consciousness and self-awareness, and has no ability to think or judge independently because it merely operates based on the algorithms and data it is trained on.

What should concern us, really, is not AI itself but the intentions and actions of those who wield it. The potential dangers associated with AI arise when the baddies—individuals with malevolent motives—exploit its capabilities. Then AI can become a real threat, poisoning the minds of children and foolish adults.

Bear I mind that AI’s impact is shaped by the ethical decisions made by the people behind its development and deployment. That’s why it’s imperative that State and Church unite to ensure AI’s responsible use. Ethical guidelines and robust regulations must be put in place in order to harness the benefits of AI without compromising safety and to ensure that its deployment aligns with human values and societal norms.

As for humanoids replacing human population, a little bird tells me “It ain’t gonna happen, I betcha!” Ambitious techies can produce new models, sleeker, smarter, more sophisticated, approaching genius, and in time they will all eventually end up in a junk yard—as with everything else manmade. But the human race will go on. What now, eight billion and counting? Humanoids will never catch up. (Question: If you connect a male humanoid to a female humanoid overnight, can they produce a baby humanoid in an instant? Gotcha!)

Humanoid or AI domination over humans is sci-fi stuff. There are enough people of faith in this world to stop robots from becoming man’s masters. Remember they are created by mere creatures, not by the Creator Himself. Cut off the power supply and they’ll die. Whereas we, human beings created in the image of the Creator, have an eternity to look forward to. And that’s the truth.


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