Young people invited to forum on ‘staying faithful’

Young people invited to forum on ‘staying faithful’
A young man deep in prayer at a youth event ANALYN PERUCHO

PASIG City – In an age that is used to deleting, rebooting, and reformatting, how does one stay faithful?

A forum for young professionals, particularly young married couples, engaged couples, couples in a relationship, and singles, is set on Nov. 18, 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the University of Asia and the Pacific Dining Hall to discuss modern-day fidelity.

According to Dr. Antonio Torralba, the get-together series entitled “Sterling Men and Brave Women in Lasting Friendship and Love,” will touch on the entire spectrum of what it means to be a faithful person.

“Fidelity to commitment, from respect for person, to friendship, to pursuit of courtship,  to relationship, to engagement, to marriage … until the passing away of time is one significant key to the preservation and nourishment of family and family life, and consequently, to the preservation and nourishment of the bigger society,” he said, noting the long-term impact of people staying true to their commitments.

The second of the get-together series, the event has the intention, said Torralba, of “tapping the minds of older millennials to help younger millennials and Generation Z in the latter’s journey towards fidelity to day-to-day decisions, which presumes appreciating and understanding alternative choices and taking full responsibility towards decisions made.”

The main talk will focus on “The Anatomy of a Person in Love,” which will be followed by a workshop on the theme, previous workshop highlights, and wrap-up.

There will be a Php 150 fee for coffee and lunch.

For more details, interested parties may contact Dr. Antonio Torralba at 0917- 8344492 or email him at CBCPNews