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Youth told: Only with God can you change the world

Youth told: Only with God can you change the world
Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo, OMI speaks to thousands of youth pilgrims at the NYD 2017 commissioning and send-off Mass at the RT Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City, Nov. 9, 2017. ANALYN PERUCHO

ZAMBOANGA City – After spending nearly a week at one of the biggest gatherings of young people in the country, thousands of pilgrims were reminded that it is only with God that one can “change the world.”

“No one can make a difference in this world unless God gives him the ability to do so,” said Cotobato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo, OMI during the National Youth Day (NYD) 2017 commissioning and send-off Mass on Nov. 9 at the RT Lim Boulevard in this city.

The prelate stressed that no one can change anything on his own without God’s help.

‘Poverty of heart’

“We have to acknowledge the poverty of heart, so that we may acknowledge that it is truly God who changes,” said Quevedo.

He then went on to cite how people like Moses and the Blessed Virgin were chosen to change the world in a particular way.

“In the Gospel, God called a maiden to make a difference from that time on to the end of the world,” Quevedo said, noting how this was “God’s gift to her.”

The archbishop moved from the Scriptural basis of the send-off “The Lord has done great things for me” (Psalm 126:3) to a more personal one, identifying several key areas where young people are called to make a difference, one of which was friendship.

True friendship

According to Quevedo, the youth should transform their friendships into something deeper, “a … profound love.”

“True friendship comes from the heart, and that friendship is that one of love, loving one another as persons,” he said.

This kind of friendship, said the prelate, can only come from recognizing that the other person is created by God.

Concluding on Nov. 10, NYD will be hosted next by Cebu in 2019. With reports from Christine Paguirigan/CBCPNews

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