Youth told: ‘Renew friendship with Jesus’

Youth told: ‘Renew friendship with Jesus’

Young people share laughter and insights at the 10th Regional Youth Day (RYD). CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

ROXAS City – The chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ Episcopal Commission on Youth reminded the participants of the 10th Regional Youth Day (RYD) to renew their friendship with Christ.

“In every Regional Youth Day, Jesus invites you, my dear friends, to renew your friendship with Him,” said Bishop Leopoldo C. Jaucian in his homily during the second day of the RYD here on April 26.

He also stressed the important role the youth play in the Church as she continues her mission.

“Your presence, my beloved young, really tells the whole world that our Church is the Church of the young,” explained the prelate.

Addressing the youth who had just finished their pilgrim walk to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart, which is located on top of a hill in Lawa-an village, Jaucian explained the relevance of the activities lined up during the duration of the four-day gathering.

“The pilgrim walk that you just had tells us of our mission, my dear young, that you are sent by Jesus to be on a pilgrimage and tell the whole world of His love,” he said.

After mentioning modern trends and describing some of the characteristics of today’s youth, Jaucian gave clear examples of how the youth should respond to prevailing challenges.

“Through Jesus, there is forever. That through Him, we receive direction in all the things that we do. And it will give us His peace and His love,” he stressed.

After talking about how Christ works in the life of the youth, the bishop explained their responsibilities as His messengers.

“The mission of the youth…whatever your experiences of God’s great love for you, go and share of His love in your family, in your parishes, in your schools, to whatever situation you are in,” he said.

He ended his homily by quoting Pope Francis: Get out of your comfort zone. Share the love of Jesus to those who need you most—to the peripheries, to the marginalized, to those excluded by society, because this is the mission of the youth today. Sems. Christian Barnard Delfin and David Solomon Cuñada/CBCPNews