Youth urged: ‘Actively support BEC programs’

Youth urged: ‘Actively support BEC programs’

Antipolo Youth delegates at an immersion experience with the community of Calawis residents. KYLE 2015 Media Team

ANTIPOLO City– During their quarterly assembly, youth leaders of the Diocese of Antipolo were encouraged to actively take part in Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) programs and to reach out to chapels and communities.

In Juventus, a series of social issue talks incorporated into the quarterly meetings, Genesis Wilson Bias from the Mary Magdalene Parish, Pililla, Rizal emphasized how young people can be one of the biggest supporters of BEC activities.

“We can be the biggest supporter of BECs, since the youth visit the grassroots – the chapels. This is where the mission brings us,” explained Bias, newly-appointed secretary of the Antipolo Youth Ministry.

Going back to the beginning

Motivated by the pastoral exhortation of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines declaring 2017 as the Year of Parishes, Communion of Communities, Bias said young people have a great deal to offer parish ministry.

Addressing the youth leaders of the diocese, he urged them to look back at how they themselves began their journey and to fulfill their responsibility to people at the grassroots.

“In the Year of the Parish, we are encouraged to reach out to our grassroots, some of us started in the chapels, we should never forget where we started, where we should start,” he said.

The first duty of prayer

“We are being reminded that we need to be humble, let us make known what and who [our] parishes are so when our parish priests organizes a BEC activity let us support it, let us accept because it is how we can answer the call of the Year of the Parish,” stressed Bias.

The CBCP pastoral exhortation stated that “there is a power that tries to trample down the faith” and the youth believes the parishes play a big part in proclaiming and defending this faith.

“This is our mission, to share and love communion and the first duty in communion is prayer. Prayer is our cornerstone. As a community, it is our weapon against the culture of death,” Bias added.

The first quarterly meeting of the youth leaders in the Diocese of Antipolo held on March 12, 2017 at Our Lady of Peace School, Antipolo gathered more than a hundred ministers from different parishes. CBCPNews